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You’ve now bought a pizza and, with some practice, you’ve mastered the art of making it. Last week, the neighbors enjoyed your great pizza and informed their neighbors about it. whomever informed their neighbors and now you’re suddenly the front-runner for a huge pizza party! We decided it was time for advice on how to make a lot of pizza, whether you had the idea for the pizza party from the beginning or your friends and family forced it upon you. To assist you when the (pizza) going gets tough, we’ve put together this handbook using exclusive tips and tactics from the pizza business that we’ve learned in our test kitchen.

Making Pizza for Your Party 

Plotting logistics in the last week or so before is a smart idea, depending on the size of your party. Making a prep list, or the list of things you need to get ready before cooking, is an even better idea. First, keep in mind that the flavor and performance of homemade dough are ideal when produced one to three days in advance of usage. Some pizza experts advocate for a cold proof that lasts longer than three days, but in my opinion the flavor won’t improve over the third day, and by then it’s undoubtedly starting to go bad. Second, if at all feasible, make your toppings the night before. If made the previous evening and adequately chilled, the majority of pizza components, including meats, veggies, cheeses, and sauce, will be OK. This will ensure that you are prepared for a crisis.

What should you do now that the day of the feast has arrived, your ingredients are ready, your dough is rising, and your guests will be here soon? Let’s consider a couple additional things, then. Where will the pizza be made? Where is everyone eating? How would you look after the visitors? With big gatherings, it’s a good idea to serve guests close to the kitchen. Why? because you have a lot of pizza to prepare and it gets cold very soon! If you are too far from the table, running back and forth might take up valuable time. Additionally, cooking pizza for guests is quite a show.

If you haven’t already, consider getting a Pizza Catering from Wicked Pizza Pies so you can free up valuable table space and place the oven anywhere you’d like. So that you can concentrate on cooking, ask if someone can assist you bring the pizzas to the table.

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